Are you excited about your upcoming RV trip? Wondering what to pack?
While there is plenty of space in a motorhome for all the essentials, it pays to be selective on what you bring and how you bring it all.

Here are some packing ideas and tips that will help when getting those bags ready!


Pack using soft bags. This is a massive space saver when you get to the motorhome and the best tip we can give you. Soft baggage means you can unpack your personal items and then roll up the bag and stow it away in a cupboard, rather than having large hard suitcases to fit into the motorhome.


New Zealand can have unpredictable weather, so it pays to bring different layers of clothing. A windproof/waterproof jacket will always come in handy, and layers of merino clothing take little space but are good for warmth in the winter. In summer remember a hat and sunblock. New Zealand has a very thin ozone layer which means the sun is much stronger here and you will burn much more quickly. Sunscreen is always advised! You can read a bit about our seasons HERE.


Your motorhome has a basic first aid kit in it, which can help with any minor cuts or scrapes. Remember to bring any personal medications you might need, and enough of them to cover your trip. Pharmacies are located all over New Zealand for any other health related items you may end up needing.


Personal toiletries. Remember that toothpaste and toothbrush! Our luxury motorhomes all have cabinets and cupboards in the bathrooms for your essentials, and a hanging toilet bag can also be a handy addition to your packing. Your motorhome will come with hand soap and toilet paper to get you started, and if you forget anything, it’s easy to pop into a supermarket to get what you need. Insect repellant is also a good item to have with you. Nothing is less enjoyable than being munched by mozzies while having that BBQ dinner outside in the evenings.

All our motorhomes have spacious and well appointed bathrooms


Electronics. Our whole world feels like it is run by electronics these days, so it pays to remember the important ones. A camera, spare batteries and a charger are essential, with all the spectacular New Zealand scenery you will be viewing, along with chargers for your laptop and phone. The campervans all have USB plugs which work all the time along with wall plugs that work when you are connected to mains power at a campsite. Remember to bring adaptors, we use the three pin outlets, like Australia.


A backpack and reusable water bottle will be key for all your outdoor adventures like hiking, walks or mountain biking. This will come in handy to carry any snacks, swimwear or waterproof jackets while you are out adventuring.


Swimwear! Or togs as we call them in New Zealand. We have many places for you to swim year-round, from lakes and beaches in summer (or winter if you are adventurous) to hot pools and thermal streams for a warming soak in the winter. We provide you with towels for both showering and beach time with your RV hire.


Flip flops, sandals, thongs, slippers or jandals as they are called in NZ. These little beauties are essential footwear for Kiwis almost everywhere during the summer months! We are pretty laid back down here and it is common to see people only wearing jandals in summer.
They are also handy for when using campsite facilities like showers or bathrooms.


Travelling with children? Bring some games and any special toys they may love. Sundowners and evenings are made all the better with a game of cards or a classic easy to pack travel game like Yahtzee, for children and adults alike. A puzzle is small to pack and may help boredom if you catch a rainy, inside play day on your trip.
Bring a ball or pick one up when you get here. They are great to burn off energy and its always good fun to have a game of soccer or rugby on the beach or one of the many playgrounds or sports fields that dot our country. You’ll likely end up with a bunch of children playing along with you – we are a friendly bunch down here!
We are also happy to put scooters in the motorhome for your children, we know how much easier they can make a walk or a shopping trip!


Other helpful tips include:
• Download Spotify playlists or podcasts in case you drive out of range.
• A torch can be helpful for late night adventures or games of Spotlight with the kids.
• Pick up some laundry powder and keep a stash of gold coins for the laundromats.
• Remember your driver’s license and be sure to carry it with you when you drive.
• A personal insurance policy. The RV insurance policy does not cover personal effects just damage to the actual vehicle. You can read about our insurance options here.
• A Kindle, books or magazines. If you are an avid reader, remember to pack them!
• A hammock, who doesn’t love an afternoon in a hammock!


Luxury motorhomes have many places to store clothing and other belongings


Your Roam Motorhome hire comes with all the essentials, including all bedding, towels, and kitchen necessities. Plates, cups, cutlery, drinking glasses, wine glasses, saucepan, pots, chopping board, sharp knives, bottle/can opener, a stovetop kettle and bowls for cooking and serving and tea towels. We provide you with paper towels, dishwash liquid and toilet paper to get you started on your adventure.


If you do want anything specific in your motorhome, a special game, a smaller chair for your child, or maybe you wish for us to do a first shop for you, we are here to help.
Let’s make this trip amazing! Talk to us about anything else you may want, and we will see what we can do!




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