Park up the motorhome and explore using E-bikes.  Whether it’s heading off to get supplies at the shops or exploring the incredible cycle trails throughout New Zealand, our E-bikes are the perfect addition to your rental. With incredible 100km range, you can definitely go the distance you need!

Included is the E-bike, helmet, and charger and bike lock. 

Please note you will need to be plugged in to power to charge up your bikes. They will come fully charged for your trip.

1 – 14 days $45 per day.

15 – 30 days $35 per day.

31 days plus $25 per day.

BBQ Pack.

Weber portable gas-powered BBQ, tongs, BBQ tools and cleaning kit.  The motorhomes have a gas connection point outside to connect directly to, or take a bottle from the motorhome if you wanted to roam further for your BBQ.

$70 per hire.

Golf Pack.

New Zealand has a huge amount of golf courses for such a small country, with over 400 courses. Play a gorgeous country club from as little as $20 a round, right up to the World Class courses found in North and South Islands, like Kauri Cliffs, Millbrook and Wairaki. With this package we provide a great list of country and top-class courses you can play at your leisure. Not many courses hire clubs, so if you like golf, this is a great option.  

Full set of men’s or woman’s golf clubs and a golf bag. Comes with a sleeve of balls and tees.  Carts and trundlers can be hired on most courses.

$200 per hire, per set.

Paddle-board Pack.

New Zealand has incredible lakes, estuaries and gorgeous beaches that are just waiting to be explored by paddle board.  If you haven’t tried before, it’s much easier than it looks.

Our pack includes an inflatable paddleboard, hand pump and lifejacket.

$70 per hire.

Bird watchers Pack.

New Zealand has lots to offer the birders amongst us. From the elusive flightless Kiwi, who New Zealanders take as their own identity symbol, to stunning songbirds and cheeky mountain parrots! A New Zealand birding holiday is played out against a 100% pure backdrop of breathtaking beauty. 

Our birdwatching pack includes specialist binoculars, a book on NZ bird species and a bird feeder you can top up with nectar water to attract Tui and other small birds.

$60 per hire.

New Zealand’s birds

Terrestrial Birds

New Zealand has special terrestrial birds including: three endemic bird families, kiwi (five species), NZ wattlebirds (kokako and saddleback) and NZ wrens (rifleman and rock wren); alpine and forest parrots (kea, kaka and kakariki); large flightless rails (weka); honeyeaters (the iridescent tui, NZ bellbird); precious forest species such as yellowhead, whitehead, brown creeper, NZ robin, NZ tomtit, long-tailed cuckoo, shining cuckoo; the curious wrybill plover; and the extremely rare and endangered black stilt and shore plover. 

Pelagic Birds

This seabird fauna includes 35 endemic species and 49 endemic taxa. In addition to the breeders, many other seabirds visit New Zealand waters throughout the year, birds that breed close to Antarctica or on other islands of the Great Southern Ocean and the tropical Pacific.

New Zealand also has the most diverse seabird community in the world, with no fewer than 85 species.  In short, New Zealand is an international seabird hotspot!

Go to Birding NZ

Coffee Lovers Pack.

New Zealand is the land of great coffee, from the far North to the deep South you will find incredible roasters producing delicious coffee.  Our Coffee Pack includes an espresso machine, coffee cups and a freshly ground bag of amazing coffee from our favourite roaster in NZ, Coffee Lab.  You will be able to make your own amazing espresso or flat white in your motorhome.

Note you will need to be plugged in to power to use the machine. 

$75 per hire.

Mobile WIFI Packages.

For people who want to stay connected while you Roam, we offer two WIFI package options. Both option comes with a super fast portable modem.

60GB package. This gives you a total of 60GB for the time of your hire for $10 per day.

Unlimited package. This gives you an unlimited* amount of gigs for the time of your hire for $15 per day.

*do note that ‘unlimited usage’ is governed by the fair use policy with our provider and excessive usage will attract an additional fee.

Fishing Pack.

New Zealand has amazing fishing, both saltwater and fresh.  We offer two fishing packs.   

A surfcaster package for beach-based fishing or a fly fishing pack for all the rivers and lakes in both North and South Islands. We have some of the world’s best trout fishing. Please note, in New Zealand you must have a fishing license for freshwater fishing. These are easily obtained online here. 

Fresh water – Fly-fishing rod, fully rigged. $150 per hire. 

Salt water – Surfcasting Rod fully rigged and a mount for the beach. $150 per hire.

Snow Pack.

Snow chains for winter driving.

$80 per hire.

Concierge Shopping Pack.

Send us your grocery shopping list and we will make sure everything is full loaded into the motorhome ready to go. We can also provide other items that you may require.

Price provided on request.

‘Drop and Go’ Pack.

This gives you the option to drop the motorhome to us and we will take care of emptying of grey and black water tanks and filling the diesel tanks and LPG bottles making it a smooth exit for you. 

$450 per hire up to 30 days.

$650 per hire over 31 days.

(Pricing includes the RUC for the hire period)

Trees that Count.

To offset the impact of motorhome travel we have partnered with the Trees that Count movement which works with New Zealand’s government program to plant a billion trees by 2028.  If you want to support the initiative and offset the impact of your travel, Roam Motorhomes will match any contribution to this worthy cause. 

One native tree is only $10 please click the link to find out more information. 

Go to Trees that Count Read more about Tree Planting Mission