Meet Anneliese & Chae.

We are Anneliese and Chae, a Kiwi couple, born and raised here in beautiful New Zealand. Growing up in the countryside of New Zealand, we both have a love for the outdoors and travel, which we have always encouraged in our 3 children. 

In 2017 we decided to quit the life of long corporate working hours and limited time with our small children and sold everything to embark on a global sailing adventure. 5 years and 32 countries later we have returned to New Zealand, having completed our sailing circumnavigation and life of adventure on the water. Not wanting to return to corporate life, we decided to start a business which would excite us and give us the opportunity to share our love of travel, and New Zealand, with the world. 

So, Roam Motorhomes was born.

Roam New Zealand in your luxury home away from home

A motorhome is actually very similar to a yacht. Limited space, but practical, well thought out and with similar systems. 

We have swapped our love of travel on the sea for travel in a ‘land yacht’.

After extensive research we decided to focus on how we like to travel and share that with you. We aren’t talking about your run of the mill motorhomes, but a luxury, modern home away from home, with all the amenities you need to equip you for the perfect holiday.

We don’t want to be biggest operator, we want to be just the right size to be able to ensure you are given bespoke personal service.  When you deal with us, we want you to feel like part of our extended family and will go the extra mile to make that happen.

So come and join the happy friends, family and guests that have booked with us and made their time in New Zealand, a time of excitement, beauty and adventure while gallivanting around in comfort and luxury!

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So why book with us?

We are experienced travelers and know what you need to make your holiday in New Zealand the best it can be.