Travelling New Zealand in a motorhome is a dream come true for many. With stunning landscapes, picturesque campsites and many attractions on offer it offers the perfect location for an unforgettable road trip in one of our luxury motorhomes!

To help make your time here enjoyable and convenient, here are our top app choices to give you confidence and convenience while on your adventure. All our suggested apps are available on both Android and iOS.


Camper Mate

This is a very helpful when travelling New Zealand in a motorhome. It gives you information on campsites, laundromats, grocery stores, dump stations, petrol stations and local attractions in the areas you visit. Camper Mate also has an offline function to be able to download area sections before you leave connectivity.



This is similar in format to Camper Mate but offers users reviews and rankings left by other travelers. It includes Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites, self-contained campsites along with places like local farmers markets, which are always a great time in NZ. This app also covers the important places like supermarkets, dump stations and petrol stations.



Want to stay somewhere a bit special? Maybe visit an olive oil producer, stay on a working farm or sleep in a cherry orchard and pick your own fruit? This website and app combo give you delightful little slices of private paradise to freedom camp in. Stay with locals all over New Zealand who offer out of the ordinary sites for you to visit. The website gives slightly more information than the app about the different and sometimes unusual locations.  



About to fill the diesel tank? This is one app you should definantly have! Gaspy helps you locate the cheapest diesel prices in New Zealand based on the area you are in. Fuel prices can vary at different in locations around NZ, so this is a good way to help find the best deals along your route.


Plan my walk          

If you love a walk, be it a short 1-hour stroll or a longer hike of several hours or even one that includes an overnight stay, New Zealand has you covered here. Hiking is a great way to see the country and this app can help you choose what type of walk is available for you in the locations you visit. Experience our native bush, rolling farmland, wide views and exceptional bird life on our well-maintained tracks all over the country.

i-SITE New Zealand    

i-SITE is the official visitor information network in New Zealand. This helps you find the local i-SITE locations, where you can get local advice, grab maps or brochures and get great information on the areas you are visiting. This is a website only, not an app.

Ready to get off the beaten track for a few days in your motorhome? Download the areas you are headed where you might have limited connectivity never get lost! will also suggest local attractions, grocery stores or places to eat, as well as help you work out travel times between destinations.



New Zealand’s weather can be changeable due to its location in the middle of a big ocean. It pays to keep an eye on the weather so you can plan your travels and outdoor activities accordingly! NO one wants a beach picnic when its raining! We used this app extensively while living on our boat and found it to be very accurate.


Good Surf Now

Are you after some surf or just want to play in the gorgeous New Zealand waves? Maybe you hired a paddleboard from one of our fun package add ons and want to find a spot to use it? This app has very reliable beach condition forecasts, so you can plan your beach days while roaming the road. New Zealand beaches are exceptional, right from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, so get out there and enjoy them!



New Zealand has some of the clearest night skies you can find. While relaxing in the evening on our comfortable camping chairs after you BBQ dinner, use this app to find out exactly what stars are above you that night. Marvel at the wonders of our galaxy and feel very small when you gaze above with the help of this app.


A list of helpful apps would not be complete without mentioning Spotify! No road trip is complete without a playlist or 3 to enjoy with driving or relaxing at your idyllic campsite!

We also recommend using Google Maps for distances and driving directions. Its simplicity and accuracy makes it invaluable while traveling New Zealand.


These apps and websites will be a great resource while on your motorhome journey here in New Zealand, providing you with essential information, navigation assistance and access to many local insights. With these tools at your fingertips, you can explore the beauty of New Zealand with confidence and ease. Whether you seek adventure in the mountains, relaxation on one of our gorgeous beaches or culture in the cities and towns, your motorhome trip will certainly be a memorable experience!


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