Exploring New Zealand in a motorhome is an adventure like no other, and part of that adventure is having the ability to stop where you want and be able to enjoy a home cooked meal.

While you will be on holiday and eating in restaurants and cafes will certainly be on your agenda, sometimes it is nice to slow the pace down and spend time out of cities and towns with the convenience of eating out. This is where your luxury Roam motorhome kitchen comes into play.


Motorhome kitchens are designed to be very functional but just on a smaller scale than you will be used to! Chances are you will spend less time cooking than you would at home seeing as you are on holiday. Here you will find some information about your cute little kitchen and some top tips for cooking while on your road trip…


Our motorhomes all come with your standard kitchen equipment. While you won’t find more power-hungry appliances like food processors, electric kettles or a toaster, you will still be able to whip up amazing meals. Your motorhome does come with a kettle that can be used on the gas hob; we can’t have you missing your morning hot drinks! Toast is also easily made in a pan on low heat.

You should find all that you need in your kitchen to make mealtime easy.

Motorhomes usually have a combined gas and electric cooktop. The electric element can be used when you are plugged into a power source and gas for all other times. Do remember to have the kitchen window open slightly for good ventilation while cooking with the gas elements.

Our motorhomes either have a cover over the sink to give more bench space or have fold out benchtop areas to expand the kitchen. Ovens may be smaller, but they are quick to heat up and work effectively. All our motorhomes have good sized fridges so you have room for your food along with any special drinks you may want for those sundowner moments or a refreshing beverage after a hot hike or big bike ride.


Dishes are easily done after meals. While there isn’t a bulky drying rack, we do provide a drying mat instead and a tea towel for back to basic drying. Some of our best memories come from the after-dinner dishes chat and banter with the family, everyone helping to get the job done!

Remember that everything that goes down the sink will sit in the wastewater tank until you are somewhere where you can empty it. Sometimes the tank can have a bit of an odor, if you find there is a bit of a smell a can of coca cola poured down the sink can help this.


We are lucky in New Zealand that almost all our water from the tap is potable, making filling the water tank very easy. We also provide a charcoal based inline filter for when topping up the tank to make sure your water is the cleanest it can be!

Remember that your water tank isn’t endless, so try to conserve water if you are away from somewhere you can fill up for a few days.  


Cooking in a motorhome kitchen is just like a normal kitchen – except much smaller, so here are some tips and tricks to make it easy for you.



Plan your meals

This is going to be the best way to make cooking easy for you while travelling. Plan out some easy to prepare meals that you can do in minimal space with more basic equipment. Create a shopping list to make sure you have all you need before setting off, to avoid multiple stops and forgetting ingredients.

Some easy meals for cooking in a smaller kitchen include pasta, soups, pizzas, nachos, burgers, one pot/pan meals like chili or fresh salads.


Utilise the BBQ!

Booking a BBQ to take on your adventure is a great idea! Cooking outside is easy and fun, and it takes no time to cook some sausages, steak or burger patties while enjoying your chosen surroundings. Salads and BBQ are a quintessential Kiwi dinner. By doing the actual cooking outside will leave the inside kitchen free for other parts of your meal prep and clean up.

Cooking on a BBQ or over a fire is a fun way to make a meal. Just remember to check local fire regulations if you are making a fire and be respectful of nature.



Choose prepped ingredients

To save time and space when cooking, consider using pre made or prepped ingredients when shopping, like bags of salad, prepared pasta type dishes you can just pop in the oven, ready-made meals, pre marinated meats or frozen foods you can bake. These items are convenient and reduce the need for a lot of food prep, giving you more time to spend doing fun things on your holiday!

Embrace simplicity

Small kitchens encourage a minimalist approach to meals. Think cereal and yogurt for breakfast with fresh fruit you may pick up at a local farmers market or roadside stall. Sandwiches or wraps for lunch which take minimal effort, ingredients and clean up. Grab fresh herbs at that same market and add to meals to bump up the flavours.


Plan for your morning coffee

For us this is an essential part of the morning! At home you may have an espresso machine, but in a motorhome, things are simpler. We provide an insulated plunger for your daily brew.

New Zealand has a plethora of fabulous roasters who will all freshly grind beans for you, many of them also sell through the supermarkets.

If you plan on spending time in powered campsites, an espresso machine might be something you think about adding to your hire from one of our fun additional packs.

If you are somewhere where there is a café to buy a coffee from, we also provided special reusable takeaway cups to lessen the amount of waste you create!


Click and collect shopping

Most supermarkets in New Zealand offer a click and collect service. This can be a great way to have your shopping all done for you.
This is also a great way to save time so you can spend more of your holiday on the fun stuff you want to do!

Countdown and New World are the two supermarket chains in New Zealand, although there are smaller Four Square stores and many convenience stores dotted around the country if you need supplies outside of main towns and cities.


Cooking in a smaller motorhome kitchen while travelling is an adventure in itself. With thoughtful planning, the right equipment and a willing ness to adapt you can enjoy delicious homemade meals while exploring the world on wheels. So fire up that compact stove, chop those veggies in your cozy kitchen and let your taste buds embark on a journey as remarkable as the one outside your motorhome window.

Happy travels and bon appétit



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